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Kabco Builders, Inc Upgrades & Options

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Kabco Builders, Inc Upgrades & Options


Personalize your kitchenette with a host of home cookin’ choices.


Select some finishing touches for the perfect fit. Lights, fans, action!


Peruse our labor-saving add-ons in all shapes and sizes.

Floor Covering

Give your home a luxurious, warm feel with some modern flooring upgrades.


From subtle to sensational, customize your bathroom with the perfect finishes.


Don’t forget to add some curb appeal and extra utility for your new home.

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Floor Covering
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Certain options are unique to a specific series for a particular manufacturer. You can find which series your plan belongs to at the top of that specific plan’s web page. Click the tabs below to view the upgrades & options available. You can also contact us via phone or email and a sales associate will be happy to walk you through this process.


8" Deluxe Eaves on (MD Doubles)

Elegance Upgrade Carpet (KB)

Elegance Upgrade Carpet (MD Doubles)

Elegance Upgrade Carpet (Singlewides)

Make A Retreat a Walk In Closet MD-02

MD-Ultimate Package 64′ and Below.

MD-Ultimate Package 66′ to 72′

MD-Ultimate Package 74′ and Larger

M.D. Single Wide Diamond Package

MD-Diamond Package 64′ and Below.

MD-Diamond Package 66′ to 72′

MD-Diamond Package 74′ and Larger

Finished Sheetrock With Flat Ceilings @

KB-9ft Finished Sheetrock w/ Flat Ceilinigs

KB-Full Finished S-Rock T/O w/Flat Ceilings

MDFS-SERIES Finished Sheetrock T/O

17-227 Baseboard Option per Room

Painted Gyp Board @ 70 AND BELOW MD

Painted Gyp Board @ 72′ AND ABOVE MD

Omit Dormer

2X6 Sidewalls with R/19 Insulation (KB & MD)

Add a Porch  (KB & MD)

Add a Dormer

Double Dormer @ Front Door

10ft Dormer @

8ft Dormer @

Double I-Brow Dormer

Engineering Fee (1)

Engineering Fee (2)

Engineering Fee (3)

Energy Star Home

A.A.11-11-19 Insulation  (STANDARD)

B.B.11-11-21 Insulation

A.11-11-28 Insulation

A.11-19-28 Insulation

B.11-11-30 Insulation

B.11-19-30 Insulation

C.14-11-28 Insulation

C.14-19-28 Insulation

D.14-19-30 Insulation

D.14-11-30 Insulation

E.22-11-28 Insulation

E.22-19-28 Insulation

F.22-11-30 Insulation

F.22-19-30 Insulation

G.22-11-33 Insulation

G.22-19-33 Insulation

(1) Set Base Cabinets W/ Glider Drawers @

14" Lam Beam Option (Due To Span)

16" Lam Beam (For Span)

2X4 Walls T/O 16" On Center (MD)

2×4 Walls Thru-out

2X6 Floor Joist (MD) 16" O.C. 70′ Below

2X6 Floor Joist (MD) 16" O.C. 72′ Above

3/4" T/G OSB Flooring

3/4in T&G Plywood Floors (DW Only)

8ft (6:12 Hinged Rafter) Archtectual Shingles

8-Wire Thermostat

9′ ft Sidewall Package

9ft (6:12 Hinged Rafter) Archtectual Shingles

Add Brake Axle Per Floor

Add Extra Trim-out Kit.  Look Chuck Cassels

Architectual Shingles 70ft And Below

Architectural Shingles 72ft And Above 

Architectural Shingles Singlewides 

Metal Exterior Roof (29 Gauge)

Axle to both halves

Double I-Beam In Axle Area DW

Double I-Beam In Axle Area SW

Exterior Fireplace Ventalation Kit

Exterior House Wrap DW

Exterior House Wrap S.W

Extra Axle & Tires per Half

Finished Sheetrock Rounded Archways Per Arch

Finished Sheetrock Rounded Triple Arches

Fluted Close Up Package

Insulate Interior Wall. Per Wall

KB-3232 12" Archway with Columns

KB-3239 Concave Rafter System Unavailable

M.D. Singlewide Whole House Water Cut-off

MD Rafters 16" O.C.

New Axles

New Tires

Omit Texture Beams. Send Mud For Marriage

Overhead Air

Place (9) Joist at Front and Rear Headers

Place Dryer Vent to Outside Wall

Recessed Headers Front and Rear

Recessed Inset Wall @

Screw Down Plastic Sheathing @ Shingles

Sheetrock Light Box @ Example (KB-3232)

Tech Shield Roof Decking (DW)

Tech Shield Roof Decking (SW)

Wind Zone (2) KB Doubles

Wind Zone (2) MD Doublewides

Wind Zone (2) MD Series S.W.

Wind Zone (3) Doubles

Wind Zone (3) SW


3/4" Drop Conduit Out Of Breaker Box    PER

8 Wire Digital Thermostat

Additional 220 Outlet @

Additional GFI Outlet.

Additional Light Switches @

Additional MD Strip Lighting @

Additional Standard Exterior Light

Brown Recepticals

Cable Jack and Elec. Outlet @

Cable Jacks @

Can Lights @ Hallway

Can-Eyeball Lights @  Unavailable

Cannister Light (Addtional) @

Ceiling Fans @

Ceiling Fans LR and Den KB

Ceiling Fans LR and Den MD

Decorative Light Over Kitchen Island

Deluxe Foyer Light

Deluxe Vanity Tulip Lights

Energy Saving Economizer

Exhaust Fan  (Additional) @

Flourscent Light @

Freezer Plug @ Utility Room

Glass Light Globes  MD

Hanging Barn Lights Per 

Hot Water Heater Cut-Off Switch

Install Dryer Vent In Sidewall

Install Flood Lights @

Omit Chandlier Install (4) Can Lights @ DR

Omit Furnace For Heat Pump. Description Below

Pendlum Lights @

Phone Jacks @

Platinum Coach Light (Additional) @

Platinum Exterior Light For MD-Series @

Plumb For Gas Dryer Also Wire for 220 Plug

Electrical Interior Outlet (Additional) @

Run 12-2 Wire in Place Of 14-2 Wire

USB Port w/ Single Plug

USB Ports With A Double Outlet

220 Plug (Location)

Washer & Dryer Hook-up (Additional)

Water proof Cannister Light @

WESCO Popup USB & Outlets

Wire and Brace for Ceiling Fans

Wire and Brace For Hanging Lights (Do Not Install)

Wire Box and Cap for Flood light

Wire Box and Cap For Security Cameras

Bard Units for Oil Field Homes


30" Hole w/Plug for Microwave Above Wall Oven

40 Gallon Electric Water Heater (Additional)

40 Gallon Gas Water Heater

50 Gallon D.E. Electric Water Heater

50 Gallon Electric Water Heater (Additional)

50 Gallon Gas Water Heater

Aspen Vent-Hood

Black French Door Refrigerator

Ceramic tile around range and inside walls (3220) go up

Ceramic tile @ range w/ (2) Overheads (3241) 

Ceramic Tile backsplash @ Range

Ceramic Tile backsplash @ Range and between cabinets

Subway Tile backsplash @ Range 

Subway tile between base and overheads 

Decorative Paneled Header with Arch @

Deluxe Gas Range (Self Clean) Black or White

Deluxe Metal Faucets (MD)

Dlx Black Appliance Package

Dlx Spring Gooseneck Kitchen Faucet

Double Basin Stainless Steel Farm Sink @ Kitchen 

Double Wall Oven w/ Smooth Top Surface Unit

Garbage Disposal

Gas Furnace

Gas Standard Range Black or White

Hand Laid Rock Behind Range

HMH Frigidaire Refer and Freezer Combo  Currently Unavailible

Large Kitchen MD-Rolled Edge Countertops MD

MD-40 Gallon Electric Water Heater

MD-50 Gallon D.E. Electric Water Heater

Microwave for Cabinet Stack w/ Plug

Microwave Vent Hood Black

Microwave Vent Hood Stainless Steel

Microwave Vent Hood White

Omit Dishwasher

Omit Drape Package

Omit Range

Omit Refrigerator

Plumb & Wire for Gas Range

Plumb For Gas Dryer Also Wire for 220 Plug

Posey Stainless Euro Vent Hood w/ Glass

Pot Filler Faucet  @

Premium Post Form Countertops (KB)

Premium Post Form Countertops (MD)

Pullout Faucet @ Kitchen Sink Color:

Refrigerator 22′ Stainless Steel Refrigerator

Refrigerator 26′ Black SxS Refrigerator

Refrigerator 27′ Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator

Rolled Edge Countertops Regular (Large)

Rolled Edge Countertops Regular (Small)

Self Clean Range (2) Large Burners

Self Clean Smooth Top Range

Ship Lap Range Hood

Small Kitchen MD-Rolled Edge Countertops

SmoothTop Range

Stainless Farm Sink.

Stainless Self Clean W/ (2) Lg.Burners

Stainless St. Wall Oven w/Gas Surface Unit

Stainless Steel Appliance Package

Stainless Steel Deluxe Gas Range

Stainless Steel Dishwasher

Stainless Steel Microwave Vent Hood

Stainless Steel smooth Top Range

Stainless Steel Wall Oven w/ Black Surface Unit

Standard Black Appliance Pkg

Upgrade Heavy Wash Dishwasher Black

Upgrade Heavy Wash Dishwasher Stainless

Utility Sink @ Utility Room

Vegetable Sink @ Island  Stainless Steel

Wall Oven and Smooth Top Surface Unit

Wall Oven and Surface Unit w/ Eyes

Wall Oven/M.Wave Combo Black

Wall Oven/M.Wave Combo Stainless Steel

White 22 SxS Refer w/ice and water in door

Wood Rope Edging & Wood Backsplash


14×32 Transom Window

14X40 Window

2" Mini Blinds (S.W. only)

2" Mini Blinds MD-Doubles

30X35 Window at Kitchen w/NO Valance

30X35 Window at Kitchen w/NO Valance or Blinds

30X35 Window at Kitchen w/ Valance & Blinds

30X40 Safety Gl. Window w/ Blind & Val. @

30×40 Safety Glass Master Bath @

30X40 Window @ Mbath Tub SG w/blind & valance

60×35 Kitchen Picture Window

72" Jenkins Window Treatment W/Columns&No Valances

72" Window Option @

96"x53"Picture Window (Added)

Additional Window (Drape and Mini Blind)

Deluxe Moisture Resistant Window Sills

Jenkins Window Treatment w/ Valances & Columns MD

Window @ Hallway w/Blind & Drape (Singlewide)


1 Side Light Window @ Front Door

24" Only Barn Door @ Pantry Color:

36" Interior Door Per Opening (Location Required)

36" Interior Doors (Location Required)

38X76 Rear Cottage Door (MD-Singlewide)

38×80 Housetype Rear Cottage Door w/storm

38X80 Steel Etched Glass Front Dr. w/Storm

Additional 38X80 Housetype Steel Rear Door

Additional Interior Panel Door With Hardware

Additional KB 36X76 Rear Cottage Door

Barnwood Interior Doors

Barnwood Utility Door w/RAG

Barnwood Utility Door with No RAG

Chateau Door Single 38X82

Chateau Doors (One Swing) Reg. and Opposite Swing

Cottage Rear Singlewide 36X76 Rear Door

Craftman Style Front Door with Storm

Dead Bolt (Added)

Floor Mount Door Stops MD

Gauthier: Additional Interior Panel Door With Hardware

Gauthier: Additional Interior Panel Door With Hardware (With RAG)

Hidden Door @

Hidden Pantry Door Kitchen

Interior Door at Water Heater (Electric Only)

Jack and Jill Doors into #2 bath

KB-Door Hinges for MD Models.

MD Upgrade Rod and Hanger with Deluxe Drape Pack

Oval 38×80  Front Door W/Storm ( Brown)

Oval 38×80  Front Door W/Storm (White)

Thermopane Sliding Glass Door @

Utility Room Door (NO RAG)

Utility Room Door with a Return Air Grill

Valance Over Thermopane SGD

Vertical Blind For SGD


Black Package for Both MD and KB

Bronze Package for Both MD and KB

8" Deep Stainless Steel Sink Unavailable at this time

Double Basin Stainless Steel Farm Sink @ Kitchen 

Dead Bolt (Added) MD


(1) Set Of Pot Drawers In Kitchen Per set

30" 4 Door C/S Pantry W/ Glider Drawers @

36" 4 Door C/S Pantry W/ Glider Drawers @

Additonal MD Drawer Stack @

Base & Counter @ Utility Room For Folding Clothes

Folding Table Base And Overheads @

Folding Top With Base Cabinet @ Utility

Garbage Can Cabinet With Drawer Guides See Mike

Hutch (4) Door Hutch @

Hutch (6) Door Hutch @

Hutch (8) Door Hutch  @

KB Cabinets: Coffee 30" Wood Cabinet Package

KB Cabinets: Coffee 42" Wood Cabinet Package

KB Cabinets: French Country Oak 30" Cabinets

KB Cabinets: French Country Oak 42" Cabinets

KB Cabinets: White Wood 30" New Shaker Cabinet Package

KB Cabinets: White Wood 42" New Shaker Cabinet Package

KB Drawer Stack

KB-3245 Deluxe Locker

KB-Drawer Stack @ Kitchen

Locker @ Utilty

MD Cabinets: Eastern White 30" Cabinets

MD Cabinets: Eastern White 30" Cabinets Top & Plantation Bottoms

MD Cabinets: Eastern White 42" Cabinets

MD Cabinets: Eastern White 42" Cabinets Top & Plantation Bottoms

MD Cabinets: Ibis Ash 30" Cabinets

MD Cabinets: Ibis Ash 42" Cabinets

MD Cabinets: Plantation 30" Cabinets

MD Cabinets: Plantation 42" Cabinets

Original Canopy Range Hood MD

Rope Mold Around Kitchen Island

Top Glass Doors @ Optional Hutch

Top Glass Doors @ Standard Hutch

Ultimate Locker at Utility Room

Wet Bar @


(2) 18" Cabinets w/ Letter Rack

(2) Wood Columns w/ Header @

(3) Wood columns w/ long header @

1/2 Column Over Bookcase @ Kitchen Island

1/2 Hand Laid Rock Fireplace w/ Raised Hearth

1/2 Rock & Column Wall Like Anniversary

1/2 Wood Column @

1/2 Wood Column @ Bar Top

1/2 Wood Column w/Rock Slab & Panel Base

1/2" Sub Base @ Crown Molding. Per Room

17-897 White Door Facing.

3 Door Cabinet Stack @

3 Sides Hand Laid Rock on Island Base

3" Chairrail Per Room

3" Crown Molding Per Room (MD)

3" Door Facing @

3" Flat Crown @

3" Window Facing Around All Windows

30" Cabinets With Cubbies Above

36′ Electirc Fireplace Insert

4" Crown Molding Per Room @ and Color:

4" Crown Molding T/O (S.W.) Only

5 1/4 Crown Molding All Std D.W. Areas

5 1/4" Crown Molding Butter Rum @

5 1/4" Crown Molding Oak @

5 1/4" Crown Molding White @

6 Door Cabinet Stack @

8" Full Column Floor to Ceiling

9 Door C/S (Pantry) in Kitchen

Add Closet @

Add Coat Closet @

Add Full Length Mirror

Add Pantry (Door & 4 Shelves) @

Additional Cabinets @

Barnwood Molding Package @

Barnwood Molding Per Room @

Barnwood Wall @ Entertainment Center

Base Cabinets with Cubbies Above.

Bench Seat With (2) 13×15 Cabinet Doors

Black (MD) Collins Kitchen Island

Black 6 Door Cabinet Stack @

Bookcase w/Base and Formica Top

Cabinets Over Washer & Dryer

Chimney Range Hood (All Colors) MD

Coat Closet @ Foyer

Coffee Cabinets & Paneling @ Kitchen Island

Collins Kitchen Island

Computer Desk @

Decorative Open Bookcases @

Decorative Rope Mold Kitchen @

Decorative Thompson Island w/ (4) post

Deluxe Rack in MBR Closets

Deluxe Sweater Racks with (2) Drawer 85" Tall.

Double Closet Rods Note Location

Dressing Hutch W/ Seat Master Closet Like KB-3229

Eastern White MBR Closet w/Upgrade Racks

Ibis Ash MBR Closet w/ Upgrade Racks

Extra KB-Drawer Stack @

Extra M.D. Drawer Stack @

Fireplace: 1/2 Brick Fireplace ( ADD GERMAN SMEAR)

Fireplace: 3 Sided Hand Laid Rock @ With Raised Hearth

Fireplace: 3 Sided Hand Laid Rock Franklin 

Fireplace: 48" Elec. Slim Line F/P w/Wood Surround

Fireplace: 48" Electric F/P Slim Line Series EFL#48

Fireplace: 48" Electric F/P Slim Line Series w/Stacked Wood No Columns

Fireplace: Big Brick Kahuna & Entertainment Center

Fireplace: Big Rock Kahuna & Entertainment. Center

Fireplace: Full Brick Fireplace ( ADD GERMAN SMEAR)

Fireplace: Full Hand Laid Rock  w/ Raised Hearth

Fireplace: Hand Laid Rock Windsor & Entertainment Center 

Fireplace: Prefab Rock w/Rock Hearth and Mantel

Fireplace: Rock Kahuna & Entertainment Center (25) only

Fireplace: Wood Surround w/Rock Hearth

Flat Wall Entertainment Center

Fluted Chair-rail @

Formica Backsplash T/O In Place Of

Full Stack Rock Columns Per Column @

Glass Overhead Doors

Hadley Bookcase @ Island End.

Hand Laid Brick Around Range

Hand Laid Brick Around Range & Backsplash(25) only

Hand Laid Brick Bar Front

Hand Laid Brick Base W/Column

Hand Laid Brick Behind Range

Hand Laid Brick Columns and Bar Front

Hand Laid Brick Island

Hand Laid Rock Around The Range @ Kitchen

Hand Laid Rock Base W/ 1/2 Column @

Hand Laid Rock Columns and Bar Front

Hand Laid Rock Mbath Tub Base

Hand Laid Rock Mbath Tub Base w/ Rock Step

Hand Laid Rock on Island Base (Stone)

Hand Laid Rock Wall Archway

Hanging lights (stem lights)

Innovative Closet System

Jumbo Columns

Jumbo Columns Floor to Ceiling

Jumbo Columns on Sheetrock Bases

Jumbo Columns w/ Brick Base

Jumbo Columns w/ Rock Base

Jumbo Columns W/ Sheetrock Base

Kitchen Island w/ Raised Bar

Linen Closet @

M.D. Kitchen Drawers Over Base Cabinets

MD 102 Wrap Around Hutch.

MD-107 Entertainment Area @

Minor Island w/ sheetrock Canopy Venthood (Add)

Mosaic Interlocking Backing @ Elec.Fireplace

M-Stone Backer Panel Color:

O’Head Cab Rope Mold @ Corner Cabs ONLY

O’Head Cabinet Rope Mold T/O Kitchen

Omit Drapes

Open Bookcase No Base w/ Smooth Backing.

Open Bookcases W/Wallboard Backing @

Original Canopy Range Hood MD

Plantation MBR Closet w/Upgrade Racks

Plantation Molding Package (MD)

Premium Island Top w/ Rope Mold Edge Color:

Rustic Barnwood Mantel Color:

Small Innovative Closet System (2)

Special Island: See Print

Sweater Racks In MBR Closet

Wainscoat Dining Room

Wainscoat Extra Rooms (Per Room)

Walk In Pantry @

Wet Bar @

Wood Ceiling Beams See Print

Wood Doors For MD Solid Doors and Styles

Wood Hand Rail

Wood Hand Rail @


Additional Tile charged per square foot

Omit Carpet and Pad @

Tile #2 Bath

Tile #2 Bath (Singlewide)

Tile #3 Bath

Tile Commode Area Mbath

Tile DR To Marriage Wall and @ Down Hall (2801)

Tile DR To Utility Room Wall Across to Kit (2801)

Tile Entry

Tile Hallway (Be Specific) @

Tile Large Foyer

Tile LR and Hallway Only.

Tile LR and Hallway Singlewide Only

Tile Master Bath

Tile MBath (Singlewides)

Woodgrain Tile, Kitchen, DR, Utility and All Baths


2203 South Hampton Tub w/ Apron MD

2272 Novella R.tangle D. Tub 72"X42 1/4"X 22 (MD)

2272 Novella Rectangle Drop Tub72"X42 1/4"X 22" (KB)

24" Euro Wall Bar Shower Kit

36X48 Mirror @ Mbath Vanity

48" Tile Shower w/fiberglass pan

5196  Walk-In Shower Mbath

56043C Vanderbilt Tub  Per Secondary Bath

62" in. roll in Handicapped shower w/lip "AC"

60" Shower W/ 2 Seats & a Sliding Door

60" Tile Shower w/fiberglass pan

72" Fiberglass Shower with (1) Glass

88-4872 Shiloh Walk-In Shower (1) Glass

88-4872 Shiloh Walk-In Shower (2) Glass

Add 3rd Bath

Add a 1/2 Bath

Add a Handicapped Commode

Add a Jack and Jill 3rd Bath

Add a Porcelain Lavatory (including Cabinet)

Add an Additional Commode

Add extra 48 in. (1) pc Shower stall w/hdware

Add extra Tub and Formica apron w/hdware

Black Decorative Mirror Surround

Cabinet Over Commode

Car Wash Walk in Shower

Charleston Mbath Dlx Vanity w/36"X84" Mirror

Corner Fiberglass Tub #2 Bath

Corner Shelves @ Mbath Tub

Decorative Shelves (3230) @ Mbath Tub

Double Lavatories @ #2 Bath

Double Lavatories @ #3 Bath

Double Sliding Barn Doors

Dressing Table W/ Mirrors and Lights

Extra Shower Head In Shower

Full Length Dressing Mirror

Glass Window @ Walk in Shower Wall.

Handicapped Rails Locations @

Hand Laid Ceramic Tub Base

Hand Laid Rock @ Mbath Tub Front

Hand Laid Rock @ Mbath Tub Front and Step

Handicapped Wall Hang Lavatory

KABCO 5196 Walk In Shower

KB-Drawer Stack

LEXIE 5196 Walk In Shower w/Glass

Linen Closet

MD-Drawer Stack

Omit tub #2 bath/replace with 48in shr. w/ slid dr

Omit tub #3 bath/replace with 48" shr. w/ slid dr

Omit Tub and Tub Apron

Pebblebrook Shower Unavailable

Rainmaker Shower Head with Extension  (KB)

Rainmaker Shower Head with Extension and Metal Diverter (MD)

Raised Wall @ End of Vanity @ Location

Rope Mold Mirror Surround

Sheetrock Built In Shelves @ Mbath Tub Top

Shower Tower Tile Shower Only

Whirlpool Tub Masterbath


3-D Exterior Package

9ft Sides Vertical Board/Battan C-Board @ Dormers

Calvert Cedar Shake Exterior With Dormers

Cedar Shake @ Porch Area

Cedar Shake Siding @ 8ft Dormer

Cedar Shake Siding @ A-Frame Dormer Area

Cedar Shake Siding @ Front Door @ Dormer Area and Columns

Crane Board Lineals Around Home

Craneboard Large Lap Siding w/Lineals Around Home

Craneboard Vertical Board/Battan @

Exterior Electric Outlet Per Outlet

Exterior Frost Free Faucet Per Faucet

Exterior Rock Bases w/Hardi Columns

Exterior Water Faucet @ Rear #2 Bath

Exterior Water Faucet @ Rear MBath

Exterior Water Faucet @ Utility Room (Rear)

LP Smart Panel and Porch Walls and Ceiling

LP Smart Panel Insert @ Dormer w/ Columns

LP Smart Panel Recessed Entry Walls and Ceiling

LP Smart Panel Siding

LP Smart Panel Siding @ Dormer & Windows Area

LP Smart Panel Wooden Shutters

Mate Seal Gasket

Metal Exterior Roof (29 Gauge)

Recessed Entry

Shutters Around Entire Home